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Collection: Homemade by Janka

healthy preserves

From: Poland

Type: Preserves


Sugar-Free, Thickeners free

Healthy jams and juices and more.

The brand is named after its creator, Janka. Ona daily basis,  her and her husband run a farm. She grew up in the countryside and stayed in the countryside. She can't imagine life any other way.

She loves what she does - nature, greenery, animals, peace, clean air!
Homemade preserves have been with her since childhood. She learned from her mother and now prepares them for own family. The taste of country fruit and vegetables, grown on your own, is irreplaceable. Only then we can really be aware of what we eat. 

In her preserves, she focuses primarily on fruit.  Does not add sugar or thickeners. The fruit is fried until it obtains the appropriate consistency. And that's all! Then she is sure that it is a product of the highest quality and at the same time a treasure trove of valuable vitamins and minerals.

We highly recommend these preserves as a healthy meal option for kids. It's just good for their health, plain and simple.