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Homemade by Janka

Homemade by Janka Black Currant Jam 220g

Homemade by Janka Black Currant Jam 220g

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Black currant jam prepared using the traditional method, with no added sugar,  is a great addition to porridge, millet, pancakes, bread, cookies, cakes, ice cream, waffles, puddings and other delicacies. Black currant  jam provide a wide range of possibilities in the preparation of meals. It all depends on your creativity and taste preferences.

After pasteurization, the black currant jam has a thick consistency and a natural a bit sour taste  and a natural intensive dark color. A great choice for people who are looking for an unsweet jam or something that will break the sweet taste of porridge, cakes or other products. In addition to the characteristic taste, black currant jam is a tribute to the well-being.

Black currant is a treasury of vitamin C. There is 181 mg of vitamin per 100g of fruit, which is more than the daily requirement,
black currant contains a high content of vitamin A, which supports the work of the eyes,
black currant has quercetin, which has diuretic and cleansing properties of the urinary tract, and also has antiallergic properties,
fruits lower blood cholesterol and normalize blood pressure,
black currant is rich in flavonoids, i.e. substances that inhibit the development of toxic compounds in our body,
contain a large amount of mineral salts such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and boron,
black currants free the body of toxins, allow you to get rid of heavy metals hazardous to health, bacteria in the digestive system, mouth or eyeball
due to the presence of phenolic acids in black currants, black currant jam has anticoagulant and anti-infarct properties and inhibits the path of fungi inside the body

The black currants in each jar come from pesticide-free naturals.

Composition: 100% black currant
For a one-component and gluten-free product
100% vegetarian and vegan
The composition does not contain traces of: sugar, celery, lupine, mustard, sesame, horizontal, series, eggs, milk, double, fish, crustaceans, peanuts
Perfect for a reduction diet
Perfect for people for whom healthy food is a priority
Polish product
Jam in a cool place in a dry, shady place. Storage in tight spaces makes plum jam a greater source of vitamins and minerals for an extended period of time. After the day of the product, it is necessary to go in the refrigerator.

Pasteurized product.

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