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Stay fresh all Summer long!

Staying fresh and smelling nice, is what we love during Summer and we bet you do too! Switch to natural deodorants now!

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  • We are vegan and vegetarian friendly store in the UK

    Vegetarian and Vegan Products

  • We tend to choose products that mostly contain the purest organic ingredients

    Plenty of Organic Ingredients

  • We believe that sustainability is the key for better tomorrow. Most of our products are packed in glass and recycled paper

    Sustainable Solutions and Shipping

  • Our edible vegan products are also free of gluten, let's care for our gut health

    Gluten-Free and Healthy

  • We made sure that each product listed on our website was created free of cruelt

    We Love Animals Cruelty-Free Policy

Our Promise

Welcome to our store where you will discover pure, crystalline, colorful, nature-scented love in the form of high-quality products and eco-friendly accessories. We are confident that you will be delighted by what we have to offer, especially if you share our passion for protecting Mother Nature. Everyone is invited to explore our selection!

Kat, Founder

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All You Can Need

  • For Your Pretty Face

    Elevate your skincare routine with the power of nature's ingredients. Award-winning products for Your Pretty Face from all over Europe and more..

  • Natural remedies | Herbal | Hair growth |

    For Your Hair To Be Shiny

    Redefine Your Haircare Journey with our natural hair products! From shampoos to scalp tonics, shop now to enjoy all the best of what our Mother Nature has to offer.

  • grooming | men skincare | men body care |hygiene

    So Boys Do Not Cry

    Easy selfcare for men or if you're looking for a vegan friendly gift for him , this collection has many good stuff to offer.

  • To be Healthy You

    High quality and organic tea, sea moss in various forms and flavours or all kind of natural supplements to help you remain that good health. No chemicals, only nature and its gifts.

Discover ethical shopping from natural skincare products, sustainable beauty accessories to eco detergents and sustainable homeware. We are here to help you maintain sustainable lifestyle and provide you with the best solutions for many aspects of your holistic selfcare.

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More nature. Less plastic.

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  • IZY donates 500 liters of fresh drinking water per bottle sold

  • One IZY bottle avoids 150 plastic bottles per year

  • IZY is 100% CO2 Neutral

Be part of the zero-waste movement!

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