Your Door To Nature

A little about Easydoor

This store was created by Kat Niane out of a sense of love for Nature and everything that is natural, simple and healthy for the body, spirit and mind.
You can trust that our small business is here to provide you with carefully curated collections and at the same time, to help you maintian animal-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. All in harmony with nature. We're committed to research, education, and expanding our selection to fulfill our mission. 

Brands We Carry

Kat started off with only a few brands that she already was familiar with, mainly Polish natural cosmetic brands and organic sugar-free jams.
Today our store carries the best sustainable products from all over Europe, some of the countries are Sweden, Finland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Denmark and France/Israel.
All the brands hold products that were awarded for their innovative formulas, customer's choices, or eco-friendly approach. We also care that each brand's agenda is focused on protecting our planet and to make a difference in this World.
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Our Mission

Is to provide you with a convenient and accessible platform for purchasing goods that are not only good for us but also minimize their impact on the environment.
As advocates for sustainability, we ensure that every product listed on our website adheres to strict ethical and environmental standards. Through supporting local farmers and eco-conscious suppliers, we aim to empower communities and maintain to keep providing a high-quality products.
As a Northern Ireland-based vegan supermarket, our goal is to promote conscious consumerism and sustainable living. We hope to contribute to a healthier planet and create a positive change in the way people consume products. We believe in quality over quantity. We believe that less is more.
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Our Promise

By loving Nature you love yourself!
This is what you will find in our store, pure, cristalline, colourful, nature-scented love.
We think you're going to love what we have to offer! We are here to share the love for Mother Nature and spread awarness about sustainability and vegan lifestyles and their benefits and how important they are. Join us on this journey by following and connecting with us on social media - links in the footer.
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