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Collection: Medeine.

Care in harmony with (your) nature
Natural Medeine Cosmetics are created in modern laboratories, but with respect for the environment.
Vegan composition
Do you care about the welfare of animals? Breathe a sigh of relief. In medeine cosmetics you will find ingredients of only plant origin and completely cruelty-free. Evidence? We have the VIVA vegan product certificate.
Glass packaging
Throw away packaging without any remorse. We focus on glass containers that can be recycled again. Foil on the packaging? You won't find that here.

Care that provides hydration

Our facial cosmetics provide hydration at every stage of your routine. From cleansing the skin to applying the cream. All this to make your skin feel happy and look radiant.

Plant extracts
Botanical extracts obtained so that they retain their unique properties in Medeine Cosmetics.

Safe composition
Are you prone to irritation? No worries. Our composition will pamper even very sensitive skin.

Confirmed effectiveness
Deep hydration and radiant skin are not empty declarations. These facts are confirmed by equipment and application tests.