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Homemade by Janka

Homemade by Janka Blackberry Juice | Cold Pressed |330ml

Homemade by Janka Blackberry Juice | Cold Pressed |330ml

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Each of the juices is wonderful. I don't improve nature. They are cold pressed, poured into bottles and pasteurized. Opening the bottle takes you to a garden full of summer flavours and aromas. You just have to decide which fruit is your favourite? Why don't you try them all? You won't be disappointed with any of them. Drink straight from the bottle, prepare a drink or use it for dessert. Any choice will be the right one.

Blackberry juice without added sugar
Blackberry juice without added sugar is produced by cold pressing. Cold pressing preserves all the nutritional values found in fruit picked straight from the bush, because the only ingredient of juices prepared by this method are sun-ripened fruit. In other words, it is a completely natural ingredient of the daily diet that has a beneficial effect on the health of the body.

Origin of fruit
In the production of juices, I use fresh blackberries from my farm, which are squeezed on a frame press and then subjected to a light pasteurization process. This process, on the one hand, preserves and, on the other hand, is short enough to preserve the valuable nutritional values of the fruit.

The cultivated blackberries are extremely aromatic, firm and juicy. Thanks to this, I know that blackberry juice is a product of the highest quality. Blackberry juice retains its fully natural taste, aroma, colour and consistency because it does not contain additional sugar or water.

What does blackberry juice without added sugar look like?
Blackberry juice is cloudy. With the naked eye you can see trace amounts of sediment at the bottom of the bottle. It is a completely natural process, preserved so as not to interfere with nature and to make it as healthy as possible.

What does blackberry juice taste like without added sugar?
After opening the bottle, the juice smells like the aroma typical of fresh blackberries, has a thin consistency, a natural sour taste and a dark colour similar to a blackberry picked from the bush. This is a great alternative when we cannot eat fresh fruit, we want to quench our thirst, we want to support our immunity or we want something refreshing. Additionally, the juice is contained in a small, handy glass bottle that you can take with you anywhere. To sum up, in addition to its characteristic taste and smell, it is worth remembering that cold-pressed blackberry juice is a nod to maintaining good health and well-being.

The blackberries from which the juice was made come from natural cultivation, from a farm where no pesticides are used.

Ingredients: 100% blackberry
It is a single-ingredient and gluten-free product
100% vegetarian and vegan
The composition does not contain traces of: sugar, celery, lupine, mustard, sesame, sulfur dioxide, soy, eggs, milk, wheat, fish, crustaceans, peanuts
It is perfect for a reducing diet
Perfect for people for whom healthy food and drinks are a priority
Polish product
It is best to store the juice in a dry, cool and shaded place (2 - 20°C). Storing in shaded places makes the juice retain a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals for a much longer period of time. Shake before use. Once the product is opened, store it in the refrigerator and consume within 48 hours.

Pasteurized product.

Net weight: 330 ml


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