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Collection: Szmaragdowe Żuki

Szmaragdowe Żuki are Emerald Beetles in English. Their natural face and body cosmetics are a tribute to nature. It is also a tribute to you - to conscious and demanding people.

In Zalesie, a small Polish town, there is a street named after the emerald beetles that can be found there. It was there that the Emerald Beetles brand established its headquarters and hence its name.

The brand's philosophy is:

Locality - "We take the ingredients of the creams from what grows nearby, in the meadow, in the forest, in the garden, in the water - because that's what we are used to living here.
Believing in the biocompatibility between us and the surrounding environment, we have ensured that all plant extracts and all oils used in the formulations come from plants from our latitude."

Aromatherapy - "We love scents. But smell is not only a fleeting stimulus that pleasantly irritates our sense of smell. The scent is a mixture of complex substances with proven effects on our body. All our products are fragrant. It is not a coincidence that they smell, because the oils were selected for a given product in accordance with the best aromatherapy knowledge, making them active substances in the cosmetic."

Concentration and Effectiveness - "We respect the Nature given to us and the nature that surrounds us, we let it work. In the most delicate, but also most effective way, we extract the healing and caring properties of plants and protect them from destruction.
To maximize the amount of active ingredients, our natural face and body cosmetics contain fresh, self-made, highly concentrated infusions, decoctions and plant macerates instead of water.
Did you know that we were the first and perhaps the only one in Europe to introduce fresh flax seed infusion as the basis for the production of emulsion creams?!"

Biophotonic Protection - "We pack everything in dark biophotonic glass, increasing the protection of the valuable contents. Natural face and body cosmetics are safe there."