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"At BIOUP, we prepare natural, beautifully scented and remarkable facial care cosmetics for you. We create them in the awareness that we are part of nature and that it is cosmetics based on natural ingredients that serve our beauty best. We pamper the skin with exotic fruit and native herbs, while generously adding active ingredients. BIOUP cosmetics make the skin beautiful, healthy and radiant with a natural glow. Get to know our elixirs, cheeses, creams and make-up removal products and fall in love with them!

We create cosmetics from natural ingredients from reliable sources – renowned suppliers from Poland and Europe. Raw materials can be said to be living, with a very small degree of processing – such as extracts, oils, macerates or distillates and substances of botanical origin, but processed by man. Where necessary, we use preservatives approved for use in cosmetics by institutions involved in the certification of products – such as Ecocert.

To the largest extent possible. Most of the raw materials we use for production are certified organic. And that means that not only during the growth of a given plant, it was treated without the use of harmful fertilizers and plant protection products, but also in the process of obtaining raw material (oil, distillate), no chemicals were used."