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BIOUP Prickly Pear Oil 100%, Pure, Cold-Pressed, "Natural Botox" | 15ml

BIOUP Prickly Pear Oil 100%, Pure, Cold-Pressed, "Natural Botox" | 15ml

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Pure, 100% cold-pressed prickly pear seed oil.

Visibly affects the condition of the skin. It improves its tension, density and smoothness, which is why it is often called "natural botox".

It is one of the few oils whose independent use brings such good effects on the skin. Therefore, it is highly valued by mature skin.

Prickly pear oil is the most expensive oil in the world. It is pressed from tiny opuntia seeds extracted from the fruit. However, the high price is not only due to the very time-consuming and expensive acquisition process. This oil has unique, exceptional care properties. It is a real elixir of youth and beautiful skin in a bottle.

Unique properties
Thanks to the high content of linoleic acid, opuntia oil has the ability to supplement deficiencies of ceramides and other fatty components in the skin. Thanks to this, it improves its density and tension. It is this feature that makes it sometimes called natural botox.

Supports the regeneration of the lipid barrier. As a result, the skin regains its smoothness and firmness.

It also has a positive effect on hydration and elasticity. Helps prevent moisture loss.

The phytosterols abundant in the oil are equivalent to the natural sterols found in human skin. They have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. They also stimulate the regeneration and healing of the epidermis. They increase the skin's natural resistance to external factors. In addition, they normalize the work of sebaceous glands, which is why opuntia oil works well in the care of oily skin.

Opuntia oil is completely non-comedogenic. Does not clog pores. Therefore, it can be safely used by people with oily, mixed and prone to clogging skin.

How to use prickly pear oil?
The oil is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin smooth and soft. It is pleasant to use. It has a slightly green colour and a characteristic "oil" smell, but not very intense. It can be used alone on previously moisturized skin. It works well as an enrichment of ready-made cosmetics. 1-2 drops will perfectly complement the properties of the cream.

A very good effect is obtained when mixed with Revitalizing Elixir or Hyaluronic Acid 3% BIOUP.

The product comes in a dark glass bottle with a pipette.

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