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BIOUP ANTI-AGING Smoothing Serum with Vitamin C 4%, Face Serum Youth Glow | 30 ml

BIOUP ANTI-AGING Smoothing Serum with Vitamin C 4%, Face Serum Youth Glow | 30 ml

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An oil serum that restores skin elasticity, nourishes it, and has a smoothing effect.

Thanks to the high concentration of vitamin C 4% and plant-based vitamin E, the first effects are visible after a few applications.
If used longer, it prevents discoloration, protects blood vessels, and improves skin tone.

Adds natural glow and color to your complexion.

Selected oils – rose, raspberry, pomegranate, baobab …
The oils included in the serum have been selected for their high antioxidant potential and protection against free radicals, thus increasing the skin’s natural resistance. The basis of the serum is the purest possible form of organic rosehip oil – obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction.

The high content of carotenoids in rosehip seed oil and sea buckthorn oil reduces the effect of UV radiation on the skin and gives the skin a beautiful shade.

Baobab seed oil softens and prevents moisture loss, and has a healing and regenerating effect. Together with jojoba oil, it ensures pleasant smoothness and softness when applied. The delicate film they leave behind has an occlusive effect, additionally protecting the skin against external factors. Participation in the recipe of argan oil and pomegranate seeds contributes to the improvement of skin thickness and elasticity.

Vitamins of youth – vitamin C, vegetable vitamin E, and carotenoids
The cosmetic deeply nourishes and provides the skin with a generous portion of vitamins. Vitamin C, naturally present in the ingredients of the cosmetic, and the one in a stable form, which was additionally enriched with the serum in a concentration of 4%, has a rejuvenating and brightening effect. Vegetable vitamin E supports it in regenerating and anti-aging properties.

Vitamin C seals the blood vessels. Oils of rosehip, sea buckthorn and pomegranate seeds also have a beneficial effect on the protection of vascular skin.

The presence of natural carotenoids (a form of vitamin A) has a protective and nourishing effect and improves skin smoothness.

The smell of the serum is slightly fruity – it comes mainly from rose and raspberry oil and blackcurrant absolute.

The serum comes in a frosted transparent glass bottle with a pipette.

Sales tips:
Good for all skin types esp. dry, mature, and tired.
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