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BIOUP Hydrophilic Cleansing Oil, Delicate Lemon | 150ml glass bottle

BIOUP Hydrophilic Cleansing Oil, Delicate Lemon | 150ml glass bottle

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The oil combines the benefits of oil-based skin care with the ease of rinsing with water.

Effectively and gently removes impurities and makeup. The composition of sunflower oil, apricot kernel oil, and grape seed oil enriched with squalene gives a pleasant feeling when massaging the skin and soothes irritation. After rinsing, the skin is clean and smooth, without the feeling of tightness. A small amount of lemon essential oil strengthens the purifying qualities of the product with antibacterial and refreshing properties.

Directions for use: Apply oil to wet fingertips, and massage onto the face until the oil mixes with the impurities and turns a milky color (the oil does not foam). Rinse your face with warm water. Repeat if necessary. You do not need cotton balls or a washcloth to remove the cleanser from your face, your hands will be enough

BIOUP HINT: A thorough, daily cleansing is the first, most basic, and most important step in a skincare regimen. By washing the face, we not only remove makeup but also pollution. A good cleaning is a prerequisite for the smooth functioning of the natural processes occurring in the skin – including renewal and regeneration.

The product comes in a transparent glass bottle with a pump.

Sales tips:
Good for all skin types incl. mixed and greasy, mainly for evening use.
Excellent for makeup removal incl. eye area.
Leaves skin soft and nice with a light lemon smell.
The in-store demonstration requires access to water.
One of our best sellers with very loyal returning customers.
Label available in Polish or English.

For external use only, safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding
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