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BIOUP Concentrated Eye Serum VITAMIN TREASURE | 15 ml

BIOUP Concentrated Eye Serum VITAMIN TREASURE | 15 ml

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An oil-based serum was created to care for the most demanding parts of the face – the areas around the eyes and lips. The serum infuses nutrients into the skin, supporting it from the inside out and preventing the formation of wrinkles.

The concentrated VITAMIN TREASURE eye serum with retinol and Q10 is a cosmetic with a high concentration of active substances - and therefore created for advanced and effective care. It deserves to be called a real vitamin and antioxidant bomb. We especially recommend it for women who observe the appearance of signs of skin aging around the eyes, as well as for those who want to effectively prevent them.

Exclusive cosmetic oils - concentrated VITAMIN TREASURE eye serum with retinol and Q10
Delicate oils with a light texture - cucumber and evening primrose together with coenzyme Q10 effectively moisturize delicate skin easily penetrating into its deeper layers. Oat oil - one of the richest in essential fatty acids - primarily nourishes by improving the density of the skin, and also has soothing properties. Arnica flower extract and pomegranate seed oil stimulate circulation, similar to cucumber oil. Thanks to this, they prevent puffiness and puffiness around the eyes. Rosehip seed oil along with argan and sesame oil firm improves elasticity and contributes to repairing damage and reducing fine lines. In addition, they show anti-aging properties, while protecting the skin against free radicals. Tamanu oil relaxes the skin and soothes irritations. In addition, its presence in the recipe increases resistance to the harmful effects of sunlight. Marshmallow root extract moisturizes, soothes, and improves skin elasticity.

The cleanest sourcing process
The base and the heart of our serum - rosehip and oat germ oils - are ecological oils obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction. It is the purest and most valuable form of oil. Due to the costly nature of this method of oil extraction, as well as the ecological raw material used for production, oils of this class are rarely used in cosmetics. However, we decided to use them due to the significant differences in the quality of the raw material and its performance, which we observed.

Vitamins of youth in synergistic action
The cocktail of youth vitamins - A (retinol), C, and E allows the skin to regenerate, improving its condition and appearance. Vitamins C, E, and A are, above all, one of the strongest known antioxidants. Their deficiency in the skin leads to premature aging. Skincare with cosmetics with a lot of vitamins gives very good results because they inhibit the aging process of the skin without disturbing the physiological processes taking place in it. In the formula of the Concentrated Eye Serum, vitamins synergistically support their action - the trio of vitamins A, C and E gives better results than using each vitamin separately. In addition, effective penetration into the skin is possible thanks to a properly selected carrier - i.e. oils with a high absorption rate.

Due to the content of retinol, it should only be used at night. Also, due to retinol, serum should not be used during pregnancy. The serum can be used all year round - also in spring and summer.

The smell of the serum is completely natural and characteristic of the high-quality unrefined oils it contains. Additionally, in order to minimize the risk of adverse reactions, the Serum does not contain any fragrances or essential oils.

The serum comes in a 15ml glass bottle with a pipette.

Sales tips:
Good for all skin types incl. mixed and greasy, only for evening use.
Light oils composition
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