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Collection: Norrskin

norrskin unisex natural selfcare

From: Sweden

Type : Skincare


Norrskin products are dermatologically tested, toxicologically tested, clinically tested.

All products are Vegan Certified, Natural Certified, Clean Certified.

The company was launched in the end of 2021 by Kate and Jens Bergvik in Sweden.  It is 100% family owned company based in Åkersberga, close to Stockholm.

Apart from the fact it is owned by 2 humans beings in love, Norrskin is actually a love story. Love to Scandinavia, its regions, people and nature and Love to skincare and self-care. Via Norrskin they want to promote Scandinavian nature, history and culture in a very special way. Every collection will take inspiration from different Scandinavian regions. This journey will not only be interesting for Scandinavians but also for the whole World to feel northern skin, through us - Norrskin. 

Name of the brand Norrskin is the perfect representation of their idea. Norr - the Swedish word for North combining it with Skin it expresses the product and journey they want to offer. Definition of elegancy roots with Scandinavian minimalism and raw style.  Ecological solutions, frosted glass, raw wood, handmade graphic on all bottles reflecting the Scandinavian nature -this is the premium skincare.

Norrskin truly care about our Planet, therefore they implement ecological and more sustainable solutions within small details of our production like compostable, water based inks, wooden lids, as well as though more complex work like, recycled glass produced within 100% solar energy, establishing ingredients intake process and production only within European Union to lower CO2 emission and more.

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