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SOULEL — From Samogitian Language Means "The Sun"

"We are a harmonious marriage between the scientific and nature. We give equal footing to the magic of plants and researched facts because, to us, they are two approaches to the same result. Our products exist to help humans achieve vibrant health - strength, youth, & beauty — the optimized embodiment of well-being."

All SOULEL functional herbal blends are made from ethically wild or organically sourced ingredients, in accordance with the long years of practice in phototherapy and based on the latest scientific research.

-Functional herbal blends
-Formulated by a certified herbalist
-Sustainably & ethically sourced
-Plastic-free delivery

Organic or wild ingredients

Your body constantly regenerates itself. To make new cells, your body must have raw materials (nutrients), the release of environmental toxins and sufficient cellular energy to use the materials.

Organic or wild plants are grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, or genetic engineering (GMOs). That said, means nutrients can get straight to a cell avoiding free radical firewall.

Result-proven functional blends

"We take things back to basics, looking to nature to help us restore inner balance and reconnect with ourselves and the world around us."

The modern world is oversaturated with well-marketed supplements. However, most of them might be good only on paper with synthesized poorly-bioavailable ingredients or calibrated with minimum understanding of how nature works.

We create functional blends based on long-lasting personal practice but always in balance with nature.

No pills. No synthetics.

It’s unclear how well synthetic nutrients are absorbed and used in the body. Some may be more easily absorbed, not others.

 This is because when you eat real food, you’re not consuming single nutrients, but rather a whole range of vitamins, minerals, co-factors, and enzymes that allow for optimal use by the body.

 Without these additional compounds, synthetic nutrients are unlikely to be used by the body in the same way as their natural counterparts .