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SOULEL Organic Detox - A Herbal Superfood Blend for Liver & Kidney Support | 220g | 2x3Weeks Servings

SOULEL Organic Detox - A Herbal Superfood Blend for Liver & Kidney Support | 220g | 2x3Weeks Servings

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2 x 21 day supply

This plant-based blend helps cleanse the body from the burden of waste and toxic substances so that its regulatory self-healing and defence mechanisms can function again.

ORGANIC DETOX supports healthy blood flow, provides essential prebiotics for gut health, and promotes liver detoxification.

  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Gut


The liver and kidneys define your aging. However, twice a year (February and October) this organ duo is under bigger stress than usual. This blend is created for a smoother seasonal transition.

Combined with ORGANIC CLEANSE makes a classical any illness pre-treatment (detoxification + deparasitation)


Use one tsp. (±5 grams) straight on your tongue before the afternoon meal. Keep the powder in your mouth for at least a couple of minutes. Let active elements be absorbed via saliva. Drink a glass of water.

We recommend using this supplement for a 21-day period. Then make a 21-day break. And repeat for 21 days again. Detox twice a year.

List of ingredients

Milk Thistle Seeds * (lat. Silybum Marianum) from Ireland
Nettle Leaves * (lat. Urtica Dioica) from Poland
Dandelion Root & Leaves * (lat. Taraxacum Officinale) from Poland
Ginger Root * (lat. Zingiber Officinale) from India
Turmeric Root * (lat. 
Curcuma Longa) from India
Liquorice root * (lat. Glycyrrhiza Glabra) from Uzbekistan
Ceylon Cinnamon * (lat. Cinnamomum Verum) from Sri Lanka
Black Pepper * (lat. 
Piper Nigrum) from Sri Lanka

* certified organic ingredient.

Milk thistle seeds

The active ingredient in milk thistle, silymarin, acts as an antioxidant by reducing free radical production. This creates a detoxifying effect, which is why milk thistle may be beneficial for liver problems.

 Nettle leaves 

They have properties which cleanse your body, blood, flushes out toxins and facilitate maintaining a clearer skin.

 Dandelion root and leaves

A great botanical for liver and kidney support. It not only enhances the liver’s metabolic and detoxification ability, but it is also protective to the kidneys and is an outstanding natural-medicine diuretic.

 Liquorice root

Liqorice is considered an excellent antidote. It is one of the most commonly used Chinese herbs in every herbalist’s cupboard, making it an important ingredient in many herbal formulas. This herb has many properties that make it special, but the main reason to use it is its ability to harmonize with other herbs.

 Ginger root

A well-known herbaceous plant has been widely used as a medicine for centuries to improve the quality of life. Proven help for fatty livers.

Turmeric root + Black Pepper

In Ayurvedic medicine, curcumin (polyphenol in Turmeric) is a well-documented treatment for liver disorders.. Also, when piperine (major active component of black pepper) combined in a complex with curcumin (polyphenol in Turmeric) , has been shown to increase bioavailability by 2000%.


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