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 "I invite you to our site, where you will feel the taste and style of Brooklyn, discover natural cosmetics for skin care and feel like you have always lived in New York. This is where my adventure with natural cosmetics began. The idea of ​​using cosmetics for care and makeup without synthetic additives and preservatives has developed there and has become a lifestyle for me and my family. Using natural cosmetics also supports small businesses, family businesses and farmers who do not use pesticides. In addition, the glass and paper packaging of our products is a nod to our planet, free from pollution and artificial ingredients. In one sentence - beauty without compromise!

I founded the shop where I sold products free from synthetics and chemistry in Brooklyn, where I lived for 18 years. Brooklyn was my second home that I loved, just like the one in Poland. The brand name - Brooklyn Groove is a continuation of all these great moments of my life, conversations with people I had and presentations I organized in my shop. The inspiration was my work and New York lifestyle. Getting to know the ingredients and raw materials that I discovered at work, became my passion, which then turned into a desire to use my knowledge to create natural cosmetics.

All the products that I created were carefully thought out. I tested their ingredients on myself and I saw their effects among the customers who used them. I have my favourite ingredients that will certainly appear in my products many times. Like the wonderful antibacterial and antiviral manuka tree oil from New Zealand, Italian strawflower oil, or wild rose oil. I would like to emphasize that most of our ingredients come from certified organic farming.

My products are also multicultural - a bit like Brooklyn itself :) Creating them, I reached for various wonderful butters and oils from distant parts of the world. For example, turmeric oil from India, opuntia fig from plantations from Mexico, or Moroccan tansy oil.

When my husband and I decided to return to Poland, I wanted to take "Brooklyn Groove" with me. The place where I live now, Wąchock-Poland, near the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, away from large urban agglomerations and close to my family, gives me the opportunity to work creatively alongside the mother nature.

I believe that I will positively surprise you with the selection of ingredients that I found in various places around the world and hopefully their quality will win your hearts. There is nothing more beautiful than the feeling of well-being from our healthy appearance and from the awareness that we help our planet by choosing natural products."


Founder of Brooklyn Groove

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