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Brooklyn Groove

Brooklyn Groove Serum for Dry and Mature Skin with Fig Opuntia | 15ml

Brooklyn Groove Serum for Dry and Mature Skin with Fig Opuntia | 15ml

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Dry skin serum is not only a cosmetic for our skin. It also greatly improves our well-being. The sun-warmed power of fig opuntia mixed with sweet Moroccan tansy oil, smoked incense and honey-spicy Italian strawflower, creates a beautiful original fragrance. Carefully selected oils restore our skin and add healthy, radiant look. The ritual of applying the serum is a real pleasure and a moment of relaxation.


The basis of this serum are oils that are ideally suited for dry, combination and mature skin. Our serum helps to restore uniform color of the skin while at the same time calming and brightening it. It eliminate redness, strengthens skin elasticity and has anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory properties. The serum works great on vascular skin, with a tendency to redness. You don't have to wait long for its effects. After just a few days you will see improvement in the appearance and color of the skin. Its composition includes:

Rosehip oil, one of my favorite, versatile ingredient, which is rich in vitamin C, A and great source of unsaturated fatty acids. It will add glow to our skin, accelerate regeneration, strengthen skin's elasticity, help brighten discolorations or scars and protect against free radicals.

Avocado oil adds moisturizing power to this serum and soothes irritated skin. It contains vitamins B, E, K, provitamin A, routine, mineral salts and squalane. It is regenerative, antibacterial and stimulates collagen metabolism.

Opuntia fig oil leaves the skin smooth and brighten immediately after it's applied. Phytosterols contained in this oil is responsible for epidermis regeneration and for inhibiting the loss of water from the skin. It enhances skin elasticity and density.

Marula oil, velvety to the touch and quickly absorbed, is rich in vitamins C and E and unsaturated fatty acids that accelerate the skin regeneration. With antibacterial properties, it is also suitable for acne skin.

Macadamia nut oil - rich in vitamins, squalene and unsaturated fatty acids is great for treating scars, burns and minor wounds. It also improves skin elasticity.

Incense oil is derived from resin extracted from the boswellia serrata tree. Used for centuries during meditation and Ayurveda. Known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, it's used in aromatherapy for mind cleansing. It's valued in cosmetics for its properties such as improving skin elasticity and reducing the depth of wrinkles.

Italian strawflower oil is responsible for the warm honey smell. It works on ecchymosis, redness, swelling and relieves itching.

Moroccan tansy is responsible for a sweet, relaxing fragrance. It creates a beautiful composition with other oils. It contains chamazulen, a substance responsible for its anti-inflammatory, calming properties and blue color. It's great for problem skins affected by eczema or psoriasis.

 99% of the oils used in this serum come from organic certified crops. The only cold pressed, but not organic oil is Marula oil, which we will replace with organic as soon as we find the right supplier.

 The serum does not contain synthetic dyes, fragrances, preservatives, genetically modified ingredients. It is not tested on animals.

 15 ml, glass bottle.


The 15 ml bottle is made of clear glass, which allows us to enjoy the beautiful color of the serum. To prevent oxidation, degradation of its precious ingredients (the serum does not contain any preservatives) and to enjoy their therapeutic power as long as possible, keep it tightly closed, away from light and heat source.

All our products are made in small batches, which protects them from oxidation and preserves their freshness and vitality.


Like all oil serums, it should also be used with a hydrolate or applied to a moist face - let's not forget that! Then it can be used without cream. We use the serum in the morning and evening, 15 ml packaging is enough for over a month of application. Visible effects will appear even on the second day in the morning :)

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