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Why True Sea Moss?

Carefully created and manufactured locally in LA, California, sources their sea moss from a Marine-Protected Area off the coast of Nha Trang Bay, Vietnam.

Over 4 years on the market with 10.000 + of positive reviews and sea moss stories. Using only farm-fresh fruits and natural ingredients for their True gels and gummies. A special approach to developing the taste and texture of their products, together with top food developers in California. 

So, What Is Sea Moss?

True Sea Moss is an Organic Irish Sea Moss - natural superfood from the Ocean.
It provides over 90% of the essential vitamins & minerals the human body needs daily.

Who Does It Suit?

True Sea Moss is suitable for everyone who wants to take care of their well-being and nourish their body with essential vitamins and minerals naturally.



Sea moss contains over 90 essential minerals that our bodies need, including iodine, calcium, zinc, and potassium.

Digestive Health

It can acts as a prebiotic, thereby aiding in the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut and improving digestive health.

Immune Support

The high percentage of antioxidants in sea moss helps combat free radicals in the human body, which, in turn,aids in reducing sickness.

Energy And Mood

Due to its high vitamin and mineral content, sea moss can provide a natural energy boost and help balance deficiencies, leading to a vital feeling

Respiratory Health

For centuries it was used to relieve respiratory issues as it dissolves mucus and helps in clearing out the lungs.

Skin Health

Vitamins C, A and sulfur are improving the complexion by nourishing the skin and getting rid of various skin issues such as irritation, dryness, and even acne.

Strong Detoxifier

The algin in sea moss can help to detoxify the body by drawing out heavy metals and other contaminants that we may ingest through our diet and other sources.

Anti-Inflammatory Effect

Antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids are help to reduce inflammation in the body, potentially easing conditions associated with chronic ones, such as arthritis and digestive issues.

True Sea Moss