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IOSSI Deep Moisture Prebiotic Fast Absorbing Body Lotion | 200 ml Best Before the October 2023

IOSSI Deep Moisture Prebiotic Fast Absorbing Body Lotion | 200 ml Best Before the October 2023

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A smoothing, intensely moisturising body lotion with yeast ferment, hemp oil and natural prebiotic. It has a regenerating effect, bringing immediate relief to sensitive, dry and rough skin. Increases its hydration level by 37.8% after 72 hours of application. The light texture makes it incredibly comfortable to use.

Key active ingredients:

Prebiulin® Aga (Inulina) - a natural prebiotic derived from chicory roots - nourishes the skin, supporting its barrier in the form of a microbiome.

Saccharide Isomerate - 100% natural sugar complex often called 'the moisture magnet' - gives an immediate moisturising effect. It brings relief to very dry and sensitive skin, improving its elasticity and smoothness.

Sorbitol - a humectant of plant origin - prevents moisture loss, has very good smoothing and softening properties.

Hemp Oil - organic - accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis. It rebuilds the hydrolipid coat of the skin, nourishes it and makes it more elastic. 

Skin: Dry, sensitive. Suitable for vegans.

Effect: Soothing, moisturising and smoothing. The skin is elastic and soft to the touch.

Usage: Apply to dry or damp skin. Massage gently with circular movements. Use daily. Store at room temperature in a shady, dry place.

Consistency: Very light, creamy.

Fragrance: 100% natural. Subtle, slightly citrusy.

Results of application tests conducted on a group of probands:

has a strengthening effect on the skin (95% of responses);
leaves the skin feeling velvety, smooth and soft (95% of responses);
brings relief to sensitive skin (90% of responses;
visibly nourishes the skin (90% of responses);
makes the skin more flexible (90% of responses).
Apparatus test results (after 4 weeks of regular application):

reduces redness by 12%
reduces flaking of the skin by 43%
reduces water loss by 22%
37.8% increase in moisture 72 hours after application.
98% natural

35% organic

The percentage of organic origin and natural ingredients by weight in the total product without water.

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