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GINZAI Moisturising Eye Cream with Ginseng | 30ml

GINZAI Moisturising Eye Cream with Ginseng | 30ml

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For a firm and radiant eye area

> With exclusive and high-quality forest ginseng
> Provides intense moisture
> Stimulates cell renewal
> Promotes skin elasticity
> Reduces wrinkles around the eyes

The light, moisturizing eye cream with innovative active ingredient complexes nourishes the skin for a lastingly more alert and radiant eye area. Black forest ginseng, Matrixyl 3000 and Dynalift improve the skin's moisture content, promote skin elasticity and visibly reduce the formation of lines and wrinkles. The combination of active ingredients promotes the process of cell regeneration, protects the skin's surface from external influences and reduces swelling and dark circles.

With increasing age, the skin can no longer compensate for the evaporation of moisture. In order to avoid the resulting signs of aging, our skin from the age of 25 needs special care for its skin needs - especially for the sensitive skin under the eyes. If you do not protect them from moisture loss or, for example, negative environmental influences, this often manifests itself in dry, scaly or cracked skin. The moisturizing eye cream gives your skin back its radiance and makes tired eyes appear fresher again.

In GINZAI eye cream, the forest ginseng primarily supports the regeneration of hyaluronic acid and helps the skin to store moisture again. Its ability to potentiate the effects of other ingredients ensures that the antioxidant properties of the Matryxil3000 contained in the eye cream are further enhanced. Your skin cells are protected from attacks by free radicals and your skin's natural defenses are strengthened. The improved skin elasticity reduces wrinkles and your eye area shines with youthful freshness again.

The effect of the moisturizing eye cream

The moisturizing eye cream nourishes and protects the thin skin with antioxidants, lipids and the maximum moisture supply for a soft and radiant eye area. Due to the optimal supply of nutrients, the moisturizing care ensures a significant improvement in skin elasticity with a lifting effect. Dynalift, an extract from sugar cane juice, penetrates the layers of the skin and visibly lifts them with the help of saccharides. The resulting moisture film in the eye area ensures a long-lasting supply of moisture. In addition, natural ingredients such as argan oil, olive oil, squalane and vitamin E provide intensive moisture to keep the eyes looking fresh and plump. Matryxil3000, a patented peptide combination, ensures that the body's own repair mechanisms are stimulated. Blood circulation in the skin is supported, the process of cell renewal is activated and cells that have already been damaged by UV rays are regenerated. The combination of peptides stimulates the synthesis of fibroblasts - cells that are a main component of connective tissue and help improve skin elasticity - to effectively tighten and reduce wrinkles around the eyes. In combination with the black forest ginseng, the eye cream also provides natural UV protection.

Your ritual for your personal beauty break

Tired eyes, shadows under the eyes or wrinkles do not have to be. Treat your eyes to a relaxing wellness treatment with the firming eye cream in the morning and evening and let the preciousness of the black forest ginseng work beyond your external beauty. For the ultimate freshness kick, ideally keep your eye cream in the fridge. Also note that the skin around the eyes does not tolerate as much pressure as other areas of the face. You should therefore use your ring finger to gently pat the eye cream in from the inner to the outer corner of the eye - it has more feeling and not as much force. Take the time to close your eyes, enjoy the peace and quiet, consciously breathe in and out a few times and then start the day with a fresh eye area.

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