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AUNA Organic Damask Rose Hydrolate |100ml ( no cap )

AUNA Organic Damask Rose Hydrolate |100ml ( no cap )

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Organic damask rose hydrolate | rose water | glass bottle with atomizer

100% pure rose water (hydrolate) from spring rose flowers from organic farming, with a beautiful, luxurious scent.

Our rose water is produced from fresh flowers collected from April to early June. Rose petals collected during this period are best for producing hydrolate.

To preserve the fullest, sweet, floral scent, the petals are collected at dawn. On the same day, they go to the distillery and are steam distilled fresh. Our rose water is a full, 100% distillate, not a by-product of essential oil production or flavoured water.

Rose also has a positive effect on the emotional state. It soothes the nerves, relieves anxiety, and helps with premenstrual tension.


Rose water can be used as a facial tonic. It elasticizes, smoothes and moisturizes the skin. It restores the natural pH, does not irritate, has a soothing effect on acne lesions, and refreshes. It is perfect for summer days.

Organic rose hydrolate:

cleanses the skin,
regulates sebum secretion,
restoring the natural balance of the skin,
regenerates sensitive, vascular and dry skin,
valued for its rejuvenating properties,
strengthens hair bulbs, preventing hair loss.

Additional information:

Capacity: 100 ml
Country of origin: Bulgaria

INGREDIENTS: Rosa Damascena Flower Distillate Water

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