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Ovium Organic Cotton Headband - White

Ovium Organic Cotton Headband - White

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Ovium Headband Black

Our headband is made from organic cotton and it just looks stunning!

It’s perfect for home SPA or as a cute accessory during night out. It will make your outfits look amazing. Perfect, wide and plump headband with stretch elastic inside that will fit everyone. I bet that you will fall in love with it after first use!

Fabric: 100% organic cotton

Made in Poland

Washing: in max 40 degrees

Cotton headband look that looks insane! It will be useful both in a home SPA, as well as for a big night out - as a complement to even very elegant stylizations. Perfect, spacious, made of fleshy material. It has an elastic band at the back, thanks to which it adapts to the head. You will love it from the first fitting!

Fashion made comfortable
for any weather
fashion and comfort

Natural composition
The headband is made of high-quality cotton, thanks to which it is completely natural, does not cause allergies or pressure on the head. It is machine washable, does not dye and thus its shape.

Always helpful
The hair bands available from us are finished in two colour variants. You can choose a light, appropriate beige headband or a strengthening, slightly subdued black. The elastic band in the form of an elegant braid was perfect for both everyday and festive occasions. You can create your own fabrics, airy dresses and glamorous maxi creations - as an original hair accessory. It is an additional addition to every woman who appreciates neutral colours, a simple ingredient, an ecological solution, and a Polish substance.

We recommend you an assortment of similar cotton, which delighted not only lovers of the eco trend, but also owners of beauty salons. Such a band was perfect for supporting the hair while performing care, applying cream or massaging the skin with a special roller. We pack all accessories in a spectacular cardboard packaging, which is why a cotton headband can be present as a gift for a sister, friend or mother.

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