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From: Poland

Type: Skincare and natural oils


Natural, ecological, beautifully scented, vegan/vegetarian cosmetics, hand-made in a small manufactory Bracia Mydlarze.



"We went to a party once

Okay, many times, but on this particular one I met several guys talking about natural cosmetics with unconcealed and genuine fascination. Naturally, it started with soaps. Before Sebastian really got started with the idea of self-production, someone was already making the first soap, someone else was inventing scents for scrubs, balms, balls and bath salts. At the beginning, Karol stayed away from pots and pans, but he was immediately close to the business plan. And that's how it began - starting a company, dreaming about a workshop, ordering raw materials, documentation and, most importantly, creating recipes. There were four of us doing it, but you know how it is, two of us came back from the party.

Karol and Sebastian – The Soap Brothers.

And now that you're here...

We are probably guided by similar values in life. We also believe in the power of quality, because high quality ingredients - vegetable oils, herbs, butters, essential oils - have a quickly noticeable effect on your complexion, skin, lips and hair. The strength lies in simplicity and nature. We love the Planet, that's why we don't use plastic to pack parcels and products. We love animals, that's why our products are and will always be vegan. Above all, we love people and want everyone to love themselves even more, enjoy good health, and we make sure that you never forget for a moment that you are perfect.'