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Bracia Mydlarze

Bracia Mydlarze/The Soap Brothers 100% Avocado Face, Body and Hair Oil | 30ml

Bracia Mydlarze/The Soap Brothers 100% Avocado Face, Body and Hair Oil | 30ml

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Avocado-"nice fat man". A weapon for mature skin to fight the signs of aging. 

An "injection" of goodness for dehydrated and dry skin. Rumor has it that it is the healthiest oil in the world, and, according to the French, it could help to relieve the symptoms of painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints.

Avocado oil - properties

Fatty acids, proteins and vitamins A, E and D moisturize and nourish, accelerate wound healing, reduce scars and stretch marks. A balm for atopic and psoriasis or eczema skin. A buddy for good and bad ...

... also for your hair. It works well for oiling and moisturizes dry scalp. Also ideal for everyday use on damaged tips.

And to the body! Instead of a lotion. Also for pregnant women (stretch marks!). Rather for the night.

In short: avocado oil in cosmetics knows no bounds.

For whom? Dry, mature skin with signs of aging.
When? Even every day, especially in the evening care.
Apply a few drops to damp face skin.
Massage in gently.
Hair: apply to the ends 30 minutes before washing them.
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