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Fauna + Anna = Auna

The person behind the Auna brand Anna Kościelnik. She is a cosmetic chemist by education who wanted to combine her passions - good cosmetics, beautiful objects and a healthy lifestyle. This is how her "baby" was created, a company that gives her a lot of joy. Anna is authentic in what she does because she creates cosmetics that she use herself. Anna is 100% committed to this and she hopes you will notice it in the final result, i.e. in the cosmetic that will end up in your hands. Necessity is the mother of invention - they say, and that's exactly what happened in her case. Auna was created to meet the needs of large corporations that unscrupulously use unnecessary and even harmful ingredients in their production. That's why Auna offers simple, natural products full of active ingredients.

For the love of fauna and flora
"We love nature, radiant appearance and simple care. These passions allow us to create good quality natural cosmetics. But what does that actually mean? These are handmade products without synthetic fillers or preservatives, but filled with the highest quality butters and oils. Vegan, so no animal suffering. Produced in small batches to ensure they are always fresh. Created for everyone, without ideological restrictions. We avoid plastic and palm oil, but we willingly follow the trends of #lesswaste and #minimalism (you can reuse our classic packaging). We create ethical products, we value the ethos of human work, we respect the work of mother nature and our smaller brothers."

Cosmetics and much more

According to the pillar assumptions, AUNA is also to be a brand actively engaged in pro-ecological activities. Cruelty free is not enough for them. That's why the brand shows you the necessary information on how to actively contribute to helping protect the environment.

AUNA factory is located in Greater Poland.


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