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AUNA Beauty Mask with Red Wine Extract | 50 g powder

AUNA Beauty Mask with Red Wine Extract | 50 g powder

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A mask that will make you a beauty miss!
Who doesn't love homemade masks? They are an ideal way to quickly and effectively refresh and cleanse the skin after everyday stress. After all, nothing relaxes as much as a moment of home spa with a glass of good drink in your hand. For all fans of such treatments, we present a caring mask with red wine extract. Thanks to it, you will feel that your skin has gained + 10 points :).

Beauty mask – a helper in the fight against wrinkles
The offered face mask from Auna helps maintain a youthful appearance for longer - it works great on wrinkles. In addition to its anti-aging properties, it also has anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause acne. Smooth skin without blemishes? With this product it is possible! This cosmetic protects blood vessels and maintains moisture perfectly. Additionally, thanks to aloe extract, the natural wrinkle mask we offer intensively smoothes and regenerates. It is mainly recommended for the care of mature, sensitive skin or those prone to imperfections.

Treat yourself to the high-quality beauty mask you deserve. Be forever young - our natural mask for wrinkles will guarantee it!

Additional information

Efficient 50 g packaging – enough for up to 5 single treatments!

How to use:
Prepare a bowl and then pour the powder into it.
In the next step, add water/hydrolate/herbal infusion and mix until you obtain a paste consistency. A single serving is two tablespoons of powder and two teaspoons of liquid.
Apply the preparation to the face and neckline, massage gently, then leave for a few minutes and finally rinse.
Do not allow the mask to dry on your face - moisten your skin with water from time to time. You can also add a few drops of your favourite oil to it when preparing this mixture.
The powder mask does not contain any preservatives, so use it immediately after preparation, do not leave it for later.
When applying, avoid the eye area.
We recommend applying the mask just before bathing and washing it off afterwards.
You can add a few teaspoons of powder to the bathtub and thus provide yourself with a caring treatment for the entire body.

Composition: white clay, red clay, prickly pear extract, red wine extract powder, aloe extract powder

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