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Pasta Natura

PASTA NATURA Organic Corn and Rice Spaghetti, Gluten Free & Vegan | 250g

PASTA NATURA Organic Corn and Rice Spaghetti, Gluten Free & Vegan | 250g

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Pasta Spaghetti with Corn and Brown Rice Organic, Gluten Free and Vegan. Bronze drawn, slowly dried at low temperatures for 20-24 hours.
Formats available: Spaghetti
100% Natural ingredients.
Ecological packaging 100% Recyclable.

For lovers of organic food here are the spaghettini with corn flour and rice PASTA NATURA. To our pasta we have not added flavor enhancers, dyes and preservatives because we do not need them: it is perfect so natural and simple. We decided to enrich our range of naturally gluten-free pasta with spaghettini because they are in great demand by all lovers of traditional recipes of the Mediterranean diet: what could be more inviting than a steaming and fragrant plate of spaghetti with tomato dusted with grated cheese and a leaf of fresh basil resting on top of the spaghetti nest to complete the presentation? 

The good of spaghetti with corn flour and organic rice

PASTA NATURA is the alternative to traditional pasta based on taste and selected ingredients. With the spaghetti with corn flour and organic rice we have surpassed ourselves: kept in cooking and excellent roughness are the characteristics that will make you appreciate each preparation. Spaghetti have a balanced and unobtrusive flavour, so you can use them to make all your favourite dishes without distorting them: you will have the awareness of using a nutritious and satisfying gluten-free product. Pasta NATURA spaghetti with corn flour and rice are also ideal for those who have chosen vegan or vegetarian food.

The nutritional properties of corn flour and organic rice

Corn flour not only gives PASTA NATURA noodles the colour of gold, but also the nutritional properties that characterize it, starting with the carotenoid zeaxanthin with antioxidant action, responsible for its yellow colour. In addition, corn also contains vitamin A, vitamin PP and vitamin E. Not least is the rice flour that gives pasta NATURA spaghetti a negligible fat content, an excellent intake of carbohydrates and mineral salts such as calcium and iron as well as vitamins, mainly niacin, vitamin D, thiamine and riboflavin. Spaghetti with corn flour and organic rice are ideal for light, satiating and energizing lunches, ideal to help us better face the afternoon of study or work. 

List of ingredients

Corn flour, brown rice flour
Organic Ingredients and Gluten Free
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