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Ovium Reusable Cotton Pad - Black

Ovium Reusable Cotton Pad - Black

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Composition: 100% organic cotton
Made in Poland
Size: about 7 cm in diameter
Maximum washing temperature: 60°C
Maximum ironing temperature: 100°C



Incredibly soft to the touch, durable and addictive. In the process of designing reusable make-up removal pads, we wanted them to be as good as possible. There is no rough structure or irritation. Ovium cotton pads will make you fall in love with their durability, softness and pleasure of use.

Perfect for special tasks

The black pad has been created for strong make-up lovers. The dark colour will prevent visible traces - you can use it without worrying about discoloration. In addition, it doesn't require washing immediately after use - it can be washed in the washing machine even a few days later.

 Excellence in ecological edition

  • incredibly soft
  • one pad can be used for 3 months
  • with GOTS certificate


Perfectly soft in every way

The pattern of Ovium pads is protected, and while they may appear to be the same at first glance - they are not. They have been sewn without using threads on their edges - they are soft literally in every millimeter! Your eyes will be in love with the lack of irritation when removing make-up.

A small step that matters

By using just two cotton pads a day, with Ovium you can save up to 730 a year per year. On the scale of one day the change is small, but each subsequent make-up removal will contribute to reduction of waste. This is a step that matters.

The best of the certificates

The fabric of the reusable pads has GOTS certificate. This is the most restrictive of the certificates, ensuring the most ecological method of production as possible and decent working conditions from the beginning until the finished pad leaves the warehouse. We are not looking for the cheapest option. We want to be sure that this product is the best.

 How to use reusable pads?

The method of use depends on your favorite form of make-up removal.

If you are using any oil or butter:

  1. Apply a cosmetic all over your face and massage until the makeup dissolves.
  2. Remove the makeup from your face with a damp pad. If the makeup is very strong, you can rinse the pad and wash your face with it again.

If you are using micellar fluid or lotion:

  1. Dampen the petal with water and squeeze out excess.
  2. Apply a cosmetic on the wet pad. Wetting the pad will allow you to use less cosmetic.
  3. Do make-up removal and go to the next step of skin care.




How to care for reusable pads?

Certified organic cotton is a high-quality material, therefore Ovium pads are very durable and can be used for a long time. Here are some tips on how to keep them soft as long as possible.

  • Black pads can be washed in the washing machine even a few days later after use.
  • To retain their softness as long as possible, we recommend washing them in the washing machine from time to time with the fabric softener.
  • Ironing also positively affects on their softness.


How long can you use one reusable pad?

The pad loses its fibers with each use, so it may become less soft over time than at the beginning. To retain this softness, we recommend changing the pad after 2-3 months of every day use. If you feel that the pad is still working well after 3 months - use it for as long as you like.

 Is it hygienic?

If you wash the pads properly and store them in a dry place (humidity causes the growth of bacteria) - yes, they are hygienic and you can use them even if you have problematic skin.

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