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GINZAI Wake-Up Toner with Ginseng | 150ml

GINZAI Wake-Up Toner with Ginseng | 150ml

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Much more than just a facial toner

> With exclusive and high-quality forest ginseng
> Clarifies the skin after cleansing
> Has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect
> Refines pores and tightens
> Provides maximum hydration

GINZAI Wake-Up Toner is much more than a toner. It accelerates the skin's regeneration process for a healthy and even complexion. Black forest ginseng, propolis and witch hazel provide maximum moisture, reduce inflammation and promote the process of cell renewal. The high-quality propolis protects the skin from damage to the skin's surface and cell structure and increases the skin's natural ability to store water. The toner revitalizes the skin and prevents signs of aging.

In GINZAI Wake-Up Toner, the forest ginseng primarily stimulates the production of collagen and the process of cell renewal, soothes the skin and reduces inflammation. Its ability to potentiate the effect of other ingredients ensures that the water storage power of the skin is additionally strengthened by propolis. The toner brings the skin back into balance, strengthens the skin barrier and counteracts the formation of wrinkles.

The effect of the wake-up toner

The Wake-Up Toner promotes slower cell reproduction in our skin layer due to aging, moisturizes and refines the pores for a healthy and radiant complexion. The skin is the largest but also the most sensitive organ of the body. Numerous internal and external influences such as stress, bacteria or UV radiation can leave invisible deposits or injuries on the skin's surface, which quickly have a negative effect on the skin's appearance. In old age, the process of cell regeneration automatically slows down, which means that inflammation heals more slowly and the cell structure also weakens. Our wake-up toner with black forest ginseng stimulates collagen synthesis, activates the cell renewal process, stabilizes the connective tissue and thus actively counteracts the formation of wrinkles. The Tibetan rose root extract increases the skin's resistance, which means that it can better deal with temperature stress and has better protection against UV radiation. Witch hazel and propolis are rich in vital substances, soothe the surface of the skin and visibly refine the pores. The toner cares for and intensively moisturizes the skin from the very first cleansing. Due to the double cleaning effect, the skin is optimally prepared for further care steps and ingredients can be better absorbed. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of black forest ginseng, the wake-up toner is also particularly suitable as a balm after shaving.

Your ritual for your personal beauty break

Whether it's 10 minutes or a full hour beauty ritual, schedule some time just for you and your skincare routine on a regular basis. Products like the Wake-Up Toner help you cleanse your face and don't take much time. We are big proponents of the double cleansing method, which became popular in Japan and South Korea. As the name suggests, two different types of facial cleansers are used, one right after the other. The first cleanser takes off makeup and sunscreen, for example. The active ingredients of the wake-up toner that follows can penetrate deeper into the skin through the cleaned pores, for thoroughly cleansed and cared for skin. You can make your personal beauty ritual one of your favourite moments of the day with elements such as music. All genres of music are allowed here, as long as you can relax. You've probably already filled the first few minutes with your favourite song, but you can also create your own playlist for the beauty break, listen to your favourite podcast or an audio book, which you start every time you start your skin care routine.

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