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polemika pielegnacja ukFrom: Poland

Type: Skincare


How Polemika was founded

"For every mother, the health of her baby is the most crucial. When I became a mother, I began looking more closely at cosmetics for babies. I quickly realized how controversial substances were found in baby care products. It was then that I started the stage of a thorough analysis of cosmetics’ and food products’ ingredients for both children and adults. It was a turning point in my life. My awareness of how to take care of health was increasing. At the same time, my opposition to grooming stereotypes repeated in the media and falsehoods promoted in advertisements was growing. The fascination with the world of cosmetics had been evolving until I decided to create my own brand of natural cosmetics.

The name Polemika comes from the names of my daughters – Pola and Mika. After all, it was their appearance in the world that became the catalyst for making a brand of cosmetics safe for health.

However, Polemika is not only a sentimental aspect. It is an invitation to talk, exchange of thoughts, substantive discussion, specific arguments and constant listening to your needs. These insightful analysis and cooperation with the best specialists in the industry contributed to the creation of unique products. Natural cosmetics, based on the purest and best-quality plant ingredients.

Agnieszka Leśniak

the originator and founder of the Polemika brand"