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POLEMIKA Multifunctional Smoothing and Soothing Lotion | 200ml Matcha Relief Body

POLEMIKA Multifunctional Smoothing and Soothing Lotion | 200ml Matcha Relief Body

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Includes 96.80% ingredients of natural origin

Multifunctional balm is a cosmetic with multidirectional effect. The nourishing and light formula is suitable for all skin types. It is at the same time a daily cream, moisturizing, soothing after shaving, regenerating after sunbathing, calming in case of acne, inflammation or dryness of the skin. It brings immediate relief and leaves an effect of long-lasting hydration.

The lotion contains a ferment of extremophilic bacteria, which increases hydration and promotes skin renewal and reduces erythema, as well as oat bioferment, which helps strengthen and regenerate the skin with pre and probiotic material to support its natural microflora. Black spruce extract, panthenol, allantoin and betaine, showing soothing, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects, support delicate, sensitive skin and accelerate its regeneration. Thanks to bioactive ceramide analogue from Meadowfoam oil, the balm seals the hydrolipidic barrier and prevents water evaporation from epidermis. The cosmetic wonderfully smooths and gives the skin a velvety finish (Rhus verniciflua wax, Tucuma butter). Natural vegetable squalane, similar in structure to human sebum, provides hydration and seals the epidermis and facilitates the absorption of active substances, while sodium hyaluronate binds water and ensures skin hydration. The cosmetic contains Matcha tea powder – a treasure of antioxidants with anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and soothing properties.

The product is suitable for vegans, pregnant and lactating women.

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