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Pasta Natura

PASTA NATURA Paccheri of Red Lentils & Rice Int. Bio & Gluten Free | 250g

PASTA NATURA Paccheri of Red Lentils & Rice Int. Bio & Gluten Free | 250g

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Organic Red Lentil & Brown Rice Pasta, Gluten Free and Vegan. Bronze drawn, slowly dried at low temperatures for 20-24 hours.
Available formats: Paccheri
100% natural ingredients.
100% recyclable ecological packaging.

Exclusive proposal for pasta lovers in the largest formats: the delicious and nutritious PASTA NATURA lentil paccheri make the whole family happy with their goodness.

Surely those who invented paccheri were eating macaroni and it occurred to them that it would have been more delicious if the pasta had been twice as big or more. We can only give him reason to sell: paccheri are an incredible specialty for all pasta lovers. It allows you to make large bites full of sauce, they can be simply seasoned or served stuffed with the ingredients you prefer. PASTA NATURA offers them made with organic lentil flour. Fragrant, colourful and tasty, have fun in the kitchen with paccheri. The good of the squid with organic pea flour. 

From the ancient pasta makers we learned that slow drying at low temperatures makes the pasta of the right consistency to keep cooking. Moreover, without the stress of high temperatures, the organoleptic characteristics of the flour are not altered. Especially for us at PASTA NATURA it is very important, because we use, to make our paccheri, only organic lentil flour. To this is added the bronze drawing that gives porosity and the right roughness to the surface, the one that allows the sauce to embrace the pasta and stay there until the bite meets the palate. 

The nutritional properties of organic pea flour

Prengly flour is a good source of vegetable protein and carbohydrates. It gives a good supply of phosphorus, folic acid and iron. Choosing to prepare a pasta dish with paccheri with lentil flour means enjoying the nutritional properties of this legume. The great advantage is its satiating power because it allows you to reduce the portions: without large binges you are well fed after a good plate of paccheri with lentil flours PASTA NATURA.

Tips at the table

Pasta with lentil flours is colorful and tasty, perfect for playing in the kitchen and surprising your guests with always new dishes. Paccheri lend themselves to preparing pasta timbales and to be seasoned with full-bodied sauces. Try to season them with cream of zucchini, tuna and cherry tomatoes, you will feel that goodness. With pesto and parmesan then they are exceptional, sometimes simplicity turns out to be the best choice. That then the pesto does not have to be classic, you can also try to use almond pesto or red pesto, be amazed. 

List of ingredients

Red lentil flour 50% and brown rice flour 50%
Organic and Gluten Free Ingredients
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