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Okabo Organics

Okabo Organics Organic ROSE WATER | 100 ml

Okabo Organics Organic ROSE WATER | 100 ml

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Organic Rose Water is an-all natural toner that refreshes, hydrates and gives the skin a beautiful glow. Our Rose Water is a natural product free from synthetic chemicals. Suitable for all skin types. Rose Water may also be added on dry or moist hair. Rose Water refreshes and nourishes the scalp leaving the hair with a beautiful rose scent.

Rose Water is a natural toner for all skin types. It is especially beneficial for dry and sensitive skin. Being an ideal moisturizer for aging skin, it leaves the skin radiant and glowing. Free from alcohol and other preservatives. The benefits of rose water:

  • Restores the skin’s natural pH-level after cleansing.
  • Moisturizes, revives and prevents the formation of fine lines.
  • Treats acne-prone skin.
  • Fades dark circles under eyes and reduces swelling.
  • Gives glow and radiance to aging skin.
  • The anti-bacterial qualities of rose water nurture small cuts on skin.
  • May be used to set and refresh makeup throughout the day.


Face: Spray on cleansed skin. Use also for setting and refreshing makeup.
Hair: Spray on towel-dry hair and scalp. Store in a cool place.

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Rosa Damascena flower water
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