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Nude Experience

Nude EXPERIENCE Nail Polish INUK | 8ml

Nude EXPERIENCE Nail Polish INUK | 8ml

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A very intense black. One classical of nails lacquer collection. High covering at the first application. It is perfect to realise Nail Art.

Why choose between nail polish and nail care when you can have both combined in one product! All our shades have ALOE VERA and LINSEED OIL to take care of your nails during each of your manicures. All our products are carefully developed and manufactured in factories and laboratories in France.

The perfect manicure! We all dream about it! How can we be reached?

You will find here some advice to help you :

  1. First step, prepare your nails by cleaning them with remover.
  2. Gently file your nails one-way movement.
  3. Push back the cuticles that grow on the nails.
  4. Apply a base coat and let it dry.
  5. Then, apply a first coat of nail lacquer. Let dry a few minutes.
  6. If necessary, apply another coat to intensify the colour. Let dry again a few minutes.
  7. Finish your manicure with top coat to get a better glossy and an ultimate long lasting.  Let dry a few minutes.

Try for yourself!

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