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Natulim Cleaning Floor Eco Sheets (Jasmine) 30 Loads

Natulim Cleaning Floor Eco Sheets (Jasmine) 30 Loads

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We make the Natulim floor scrubber very carefully:
♻ Biodegradable cardboard packaging
Vegan and Cruelty Free
Without having to measure: easy, clean and practical
Free of phosphates and parabens
Free of dyes and dioxanes
Dissolves in hot and cold water

Each strip serves for 100 m² of surface. Simply, you introduce the strip in your scrubbing bucket together with the water and remove with the mop so that it falls apart.


Polyvinyl Alcohol: Polyvinyl alcohol has adhesive and emulsifying properties, forming a film that protects the sheet from oxidation, maintaining all its properties and without absorbing odours. It is odourless and non-toxic. It is completely biodegradable and dissolves perfectly in water.

Betaine: It is an amphoteric detergent that, in addition to having foaming and cleansing properties, is well tolerated by the skin.

Sodium Bicarbonate: It is a white crystalline solid compound soluble in water. Baking soda balances the pH of the water better, helping to leave clothes cleaner, fresher and shinier.

Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate: Of vegetable origin. Like all surfactant detergents, Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate removes oils and grease. It is 99% biodegradable.

Fatty Alcohol Polyoxyethylene Ether: Biodegradable surfactant.

MONTH: Helps keep the PH of the strip stable.

Kaolinite: it is a clay mineral that gives consistency to the strip.

Starch: Forms the base of the strip.


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