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Homemade by Janka

Homemade by Janka Sweet Cherry Jam 220g

Homemade by Janka Sweet Cherry Jam 220g

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Cherries are one of the most plump, beautiful, large and admired fruits that I grow in my home garden. The fruit owes its uniqueness to a slightly older, now rare variety of cherry trees. Every year they abound in very sweet, juicy, firm and crunchy cherries. They work like cubes of your favourite chocolate because it's so hard to stop at just one. However, don't feel guilty of gluttony. You can eat cherry jam without feeling guilty or counting calories.

Cherry jam without added sugar
Cherry jam was prepared using the traditional method - without added sugar. Therefore, the noticeable sweetness comes only from the fruit itself. The jam was fried slowly and without haste using a wooden stirrer and a large pot with a thick bottom to prevent it from burning. Long-term frying causes the water to evaporate and the sugars to caramelize. Caramelization is the process of darkening food, which contributes to the formation of caramel as a result of the action of high temperature on the natural sugars of the fruit. This process is very important in the preserves I prepare, because it helps bring out the true flavuor of the cherry, which I then seal in a jar.

Use of jam
It is a great addition to oatmeal, millet, pancakes, bread, cookies, cakes, ice cream, waffles, potato pancakes, puddings and other products. In other words, cherry jam provides a wide range of possibilities in preparing meals. It all depends on your creativity and taste preferences.

What does cherry jam taste like without added sugar?
After pasteurization, cherry jam smells like a delicious dessert of sweet fruit, the consistency is thick, the taste is naturally sweet, and the colour resembles a burgundy cherry ripe in the July sun. This is an excellent choice for people who are lovers of sweet preserves or are looking for an idea to diversify their daily diet with a real vitamin bomb. To sum up, cherry jam is a nod to maintaining good health and well-being.

Origin of fruit
The cherries contained in each jar come from natural cultivation, from a farm where no pesticides are used.

Ingredients: 100% cherry
It is a single-ingredient and gluten-free product
100% vegetarian and vegan
The composition does not contain traces of: sugar, celery, lupine, mustard, sesame, sulfur dioxide, soy, eggs, milk, wheat, fish, crustaceans, peanuts
It is perfect for a reducing diet
Perfect for people for whom healthy food is a priority
Polish product
It is best to store jam in a dry, cool and shaded place. Storing in shaded places means that jams retain a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals for a much longer period of time. Once the product has been opened, store it in the refrigerator.

Pasteurized product.

Net weight: 220 g


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