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Homemade by Janka

Homemade by Janka Strawberry Cloud | 220g

Homemade by Janka Strawberry Cloud | 220g

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Ingredients: strawberry juice, agar
Perfectly smooth, velvety texture, friendly to the youngest, reminiscent of music
It is perfect for a reducing diet
Perfect for people for whom healthy food is a priority
It is best to store the product in a dry, cool and shaded place. Storing in shaded places means that preserves retain higher concentrations of vitamins and minerals for a much longer period. Once the product has been opened, store it in the refrigerator.

Pasteurized product.

Net weight: 220 g

The strawberries contained in the product come from natural cultivation, from a farm where no pesticides are used.

Strawberry cloud without added sugar
The strawberry cloud was prepared using the traditional method - without added sugar. The noticeable sweetness comes only from the fruit itself. I rinse freshly picked, ripe strawberries thoroughly under cold water. I squeeze fresh juice using the cold-pressed method. Then I add agar to the cold juice and stir until it boils. Then I pour it into jars and lightly pasteurize it. I leave it on the shelf to cool, attach the labels and wait for your order.

Strawberry cloud without added sugar - examples of use
It is a great addition to ice cream, porridge and oatmeal. It tastes great straight from the jar. The strawberry cloud is perfectly smooth and has a slightly gel-like consistency. This is a great snack for little ones.

What does a strawberry cloud taste like without added sugar?
After opening, you can quickly smell the delicious strawberries. It has a naturally sweet taste and pink colour. This is an excellent choice for people who value natural products that allow them to diversify their daily diet. It is worth remembering that the strawberry cloud is a nod to maintaining good health and well-being.



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