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GINZAI Peel Fresh Mask with Ginseng | 100ml

GINZAI Peel Fresh Mask with Ginseng | 100ml

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For radiantly fresh skin

> With exclusive and high-quality forest ginseng
> Gently cleanse and exfoliate
> Removes dead cells
> Promotes the process of cell renewal
> Visibly refines the complexion

GINZAI peeling face mask gives you healthy and radiant skin again. From the very first application, black forest ginseng promotes the process of cell renewal for firmer skin and against the formation of new wrinkles. The face mask offers a double peeling effect with AHA alpha hydroxy acid from natural plants and fruits. Dead skin cells are removed, the skin is cleaned and the surface of the skin is optically refined.

GINZAI sensitive skin needs special care to stay soft, fresh and radiant for a long time. In order to avoid signs of aging, our skin from the age of 25 needs special care for its skin needs. The peeling face mask offers your skin just the right combination of cleansing and supportive care. Intensive cleansing with saponins, a natural soap substance from black forest ginseng, removes bacteria from the skin's surface. Gentle cellulose particles loosen blockages in the pores and visibly refine the complexion.

In GINZAI peeling face mask, the forest ginseng supports the thorough cleansing of the skin's surface and the process of cell renewal in order to reproduce healthy skin cells and strengthen the connective tissue. The antioxidant properties of black forest ginseng ensure that your skin is protected from free radical attacks and the skin's immune system is strengthened. This protects your skin from the formation of new wrinkles.

The effect of the peeling face mask

The peeling face mask offers your skin just the right combination of cleansing and supportive care. In contrast to conventional peelings, this not only ensures the removal of dead skin cells, it also directly stimulates the production of new and healthy skin cells thanks to the high-quality and very well-tolerated black forest ginseng. The gentle and thorough cleansing with alpha hydroxy acid from natural plants and fruits removes bacteria, dirt and dead skin cells that have become horny on the skin's surface and clog the pores. The cleaned skin surface can allow valuable ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin layers through the pores. The peeling face mask also promotes the process of cell renewal, which strengthens the cell structure and results in smooth, young-looking skin.

Your ritual for your personal beauty break

The days of neglect are over and it's time to take our skin and our needs seriously. We therefore recommend that you regularly plan time for your personal beauty moment and enjoy your time off for a short moment. You can make the time to massage in your peeling face mask one of your favorite moments of your beauty break with elements such as music. All genres of music are allowed here, as long as you can relax. Your favorite song will probably fill the first few minutes, but you can also create your own playlist for your ritual, listen to your favorite podcast or even an audio book, which you start every time you start your skin care routine

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