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GINZAI Hair Mask Set with Korean Premium Wild Forest Ginseng | 5in1 monthly pack

GINZAI Hair Mask Set with Korean Premium Wild Forest Ginseng | 5in1 monthly pack

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The extra portion of care for beautiful hair and a healthy scalp

> With exclusive and high-quality forest ginseng
> 5in1 = nutrients + volume + elasticity + shine + moisture
> Nourishes and conditions damaged hair
> Strengthens the hair at the root and stimulates new growth
> Contents: 4 each hair and scalp masks

All GINZAI products are based on the most valuable medicinal plant in the world - the black Korean forest ginseng, which is known for its high effectiveness. Exclusively in Europe only in the care products from GINZAI.

Our innovative hair mask set nourishes and conditions your scalp and hair for radiant, strong and healthy hair. The set, consisting of scalp and hair masks, moisturizes your scalp, prevents the formation of grey hair and promotes the growth of healthy and strong hair. Scalp and hair look visibly healthier after just four weeks of use with the hair mask set.

Well-groomed and healthy hair starts with an intact scalp. The natural ingredients from the hair mask set provide the hair and scalp with important nutrients, stimulate the reproduction of hair cells, strengthen and activate the hair roots and thus accelerate hair growth. Plant extracts form a protective shield and protect the hair lengths from split ends and hair breakage.

The benefits of forest ginseng

Forest ginseng has been considered the most valuable medicinal plant in the world for 5,000 years and its value has been worth its weight in gold. It takes the plant seven years to develop its full nutrient density of 250 ingredients. Growing wild and only found in three small regions of South Korea, this precious ingredient is dug up by hand and then further processed for the exclusive GINZAI care products, which are specially tailored to the needs of European skin and hair. The particularly gentle G-Hiexponential process developed by us ensures that the special active ingredients in the root have a high level of bioavailability and can therefore be optimally absorbed by the skin. With its adaptogenic effect, the black forest ginseng also adapts to the needs of the skin and thus offers a wide range of applications for all skin types. It gently counteracts all skin problems such as dryness, impurity or signs of aging and restores the skin's natural balance.

In our hair mask set, the forest ginseng supports the reproduction of healthy hair cells. Its ability to potentiate the effects of other ingredients ensures that Dendropanax's antioxidant properties are further enhanced and hair cells are protected from free radical attacks.

The effect of the scalp mask

Countless hair follicles on our scalp are responsible for the growth of our hair. Therefore, to avoid negative effects on hair quality, we must also treat problems such as dryness, dandruff or itching on the scalp. Our scalp mask nourishes the follicles, creating a foundation for healthy hair growth. With Dendropanax and the chameleon plant, it creates the perfect basis for healthy and vigorously growing hair. Dendropanax, a South Korean medicinal plant, has an antibacterial effect, protects your cells from free radical attacks, moisturizes your scalp and restores its balance. The chameleon plant regulates sebum production and stimulates cell regeneration so that the hair grows back visibly strong. It also strengthens the hair root and is effective against hair loss. The black forest ginseng extract supports blood circulation in the scalp and thus improves the supply of nutrients. In this way, a hair root can be stimulated to produce healthy hair with pigment and graying of the hair can be prevented. In addition to forest ginseng, the Blackfood Complex, consisting of Korean raspberries, black mulberries, American blueberries, tiger root, olives and grapes, also promotes blood circulation and accelerates the growth cycle of hair cells, because only healthy cells can grow strong and shiny hair.

The effect of the hair mask

The hair mask strengthens stressed and dry hair and restores its natural shine. Green caviar, an alga with an enormous nutrient density, provides intensive moisture and restores the hair's elasticity. The effective medicinal plant Dendropanax smoothes the hair structure, makes it easy to comb and gives it an intense shine. The plant extract consisting of Abyssinian oil, rosemary leaves, chamomile, tea tree oil, satsuma peel, jojoba and fermented olive oil penetrates the hair lengths and forms a protective shield. It provides supple hair, elasticity and shine. In addition, kelp and seaweed provide intensive moisture to regenerate dry and brittle hair.

Your ritual for your personal beauty break

Give your scalp a break! For beautiful and vital hair, not only the right care products help, but also regular scalp massages to achieve the first results in the shortest possible time. The massage causes your scalp to have better blood circulation and the hair roots are supplied with more oxygen and nutrients. With weekly massages, stronger and denser hair growth can be noticed after just a few weeks. Enjoy your moment for the care of your scalp and support the relaxing effect of the massage, for example with suitable music. After the massage, you should let your hair air dry and wear it loose to avoid damage from heat or hair ties. As basic care you should use the GINZAI Shampoo and the GINZAI Conditioner.
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