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GINZAI Ginseng Elixir for Hair | 100ml

GINZAI Ginseng Elixir for Hair | 100ml

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Strengthens the hair from the root and provides a silky shine

> With exclusive and high-quality forest ginseng
> Strengthens the hair at the root
> Stimulates new hair growth
> Counteracts graying of the hair
> Avoids flaking and itching

The hair care elixir activates the hair roots for strong and healthy hair. Black forest ginseng, menthol, root extract from the Japanese cord tree and the patented Oriental Complex nourish your hair roots with high-quality ingredients. The elixir moisturizes your scalp, prevents the formation of gray hair and promotes the growth of healthy and strong hair. The scalp shows visible improvements after just six weeks of using the elixir.

Well-groomed and healthy hair starts with an intact scalp. The active ingredient complex from the hair care elixir supplies hair and scalp with important nutrients, stimulates the reproduction of hair cells, strengthens and activates the hair roots and thus accelerates hair growth. It also has an antibacterial effect, stimulates collagen formation and regulates sebum production to prevent hair that quickly becomes greasy and dandruff.

In GINZAI hair care elixir, the forest ginseng supports the reproduction of healthy hair cells. Its ability to potentiate the effects of other ingredients ensures that the antioxidant properties of the Oriental Complex are further enhanced and the hair cells are protected from free radical attacks.

The effect of the hair care elixir

The hair care elixir with ginseng nourishes and balances your scalp for strong and healthy hair. The secret of our elixir lies in the combination of the Oriental Complex, menthol, root extract from the Japanese pagoda tree and the natural plant power of black forest ginseng. The elixir strengthens and activates the hair roots in the scalp, accelerates hair growth and also offers efficient protection against hair loss and graying. The natural Oriental Complex nourishes and strengthens the hair root and quickly brings your scalp back into balance. The complex, consisting of four plant extracts, works effectively against dandruff, dryness and itching, and it also forms a natural protective shield on the scalp against harmful external influences. The extract obtained from the Japanese cord tree ensures that the hair is optimally supplied with care substances. It creates a laminating effect and makes the hair shine. The Japanese cord tree also improves blood circulation and thus ensures a healthy and balanced scalp with an intact cell renewal process. Healthy cells ensure that hair that grows back contains pigments and the growth of gray hair is reduced. Hair cells that have been damaged by UV rays are regenerated and the growth of new hair roots is stimulated. Thanks to menthol, the hair care elixir provides a particularly cooling refreshment for the scalp in summer.

Your ritual for your personal beauty break

Give your scalp a break! For beautiful and vital hair, not only the right care products help, but also regular scalp massages to achieve the first results in the shortest possible time. The massage causes your scalp to have better blood circulation and the hair roots are supplied with more oxygen and nutrients from the hair care elixir. With weekly massages, stronger and denser hair growth can be noticed after just a few weeks with the help of the elixir. Enjoy your moment for the care of your scalp and support the relaxing effect of the massage, for example with suitable music. After the massage, you should let your hair air dry and wear it loose to avoid damage from heat or hair ties. You can also use the GINZAI shampoo and conditioner for all-round care.

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