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GINZAI Firming Day Cream with Ginseng | 50ml

GINZAI Firming Day Cream with Ginseng | 50ml

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Firms and protects the skin

> With exclusive and high-quality forest ginseng
> Ensures a taut skin surface
> Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
> Moisturizes the skin
> Protects against free radicals

Look forward to radiant and even skin with our firming day cream. Black forest ginseng, roseroot extract, maca root and slate polypore moisturize the skin, improve skin elasticity and visibly reduce the formation of wrinkles. The day cream promotes the production of collagen and the process of cell regeneration, thus preventing the formation of new wrinkles.

From the age of 40, the skin produces significantly less hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin and wrinkles form. In order to support our skin in the process of cell regeneration and to tighten it again, we therefore need special care. The day cream gives your skin back its resistance and makes it look more vital and firmer. The special care formula made from valuable black forest ginseng, rose root extract, maca root and Schillerporling slate promote the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, support cell regeneration and have a targeted effect against fine lines and wrinkles.

In GINZAI firming day cream, the forest ginseng primarily supports the regeneration of hyaluronic acid and helps the skin to store moisture again. Its ability to potentiate the effects of other ingredients ensures that the antioxidant properties of the maca root contained in the day cream are further strengthened. Your skin cells are protected from attacks by free radicals and your skin's natural defenses against premature skin aging are strengthened.

The effect of the Firming Day Cream

The day cream ensures improved skin elasticity and rejuvenation of the skin structure. The concentrate of black forest ginseng stimulates collagen synthesis, activates the cell renewal process, stabilizes the connective tissue and thus actively counteracts the formation of wrinkles. The Tibetan rose root extract increases the skin's resistance, which means that it can better deal with temperature stress and has better protection against UV radiation. This minimizes typical irritation caused by wind, cold and temperature fluctuations. The Schillerporling, also known as Chaga, is a protective medicinal mushroom that brings the skin back into its natural balance and heals many ailments such as psoriasis and neurodermatitis. Compared to other types of mushrooms, the Schillerporling has more beta-glucan and therefore has a particularly moisturizing effect on the skin. The active ingredients in the day cream penetrate deep into the skin layers, repair the collagen structure and thus ensure a firmer skin surface from the inside out. The rich day cream is immediately absorbed and leaves the skin feeling nourished without being greasy - for an immediately fresh and radiant complexion.

Your ritual for your personal beauty break

We are in constant motion and rarely rest. Immediately after waking up, we usually reach for our smartphone instead of dealing with ourselves first. For a mindful start to the day, you can start with meditation or journaling, both habits that can have a strong positive impact on your well-being. In addition, methods such as lymphatic drainage ensure a positive effect on your skin and additional relaxation in your beauty routine. Lymphatic drainage in the face reduces swelling and improves blood circulation. The nutrients from the day cream can penetrate your skin even better. Ideally, you should include one massage per week in your beauty break. You can use a jade roller instead of your hands for the lymphatic massage with the face cream to achieve a greater effect. Try out what your perfect beauty break looks like so that you also shine from within.


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