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GINZAI Collagen Pearls with Ginseng

GINZAI Collagen Pearls with Ginseng

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The effect of 40 ampoules in a bead

  • With exclusive and high quality forest ginseng
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically tested
  • Stimulates collagen formation for firm skin
  • Provides maximum moisture
  • The effect of 40 ampoules in one care pearl
  • For one month - Eight collagen care pearls
  • Unisex & suitable for all skin types

Our innovative collagen care pearls achieve an effective repair of the skin structure thanks to innovative freezing technology - here the effect of 40 ampoules is contained in a single pearl. Black forest ginseng and highly concentrated hyaluronic acid activate the production of collagen and thus sustainably strengthen the weakened collagen structure. The care pearls provide the skin with intensive moisture, improve the skin structure and effectively counteract the formation of wrinkles.

Collagen care pearls

To avoid signs of aging, our skin needs special care for its skin needs from the age of 25, because the older we get, the drier our skin becomes. The collagen care pearls provide maximum moisture and promote collagen formation for a radiant glow, a firm skin surface and reduced wrinkles. Due to their high concentration, the care pearls are particularly effective and ensure the youthful beauty of the skin.

The advantages of forest ginseng

Forest ginseng is one of the most precious plants from South Korea - the home of beauty rituals. Growing wild and native to only 3 forests in South Korea, this precious raw material is picked by hand and then processed for the exclusive GINZAI care products, which are specially tailored to the needs of European skin and hair. The particularly gentle and certified process ensures that the high-quality active ingredients of the root have a high bioavailability and can therefore be optimally absorbed by the skin and hair. With its adaptogenic effect, black forest ginseng also adapts to skin needs and thus offers a wide range of applications for all skin types. It gently counteracts all skin problems such as dryness, impurities or signs of aging and restores the skin to its natural balance.

In our collagen care pearls, forest ginseng primarily supports the production of collagen, the process of cell renewal and helps the skin to bind moisture. Through its ability to potentiate the effect of other ingredients, the ginseng also ensures that, in addition to the supply of hyaluronic acid, the process of the body's own hyaluronic acid production is again strengthened. Due to the highly concentrated active ingredients, the skin is protected from dehydration, skin elasticity is restored, thus counteracting the formation of wrinkles.

The effect of collagen care pearls

The collagen care pearls give the skin an immediately noticeable lifting effect and a radiant glow. Black forest ginseng and hyaluronic acid stimulate the skin's own repair mechanisms and activate collagen production to achieve a lasting lifting effect. Thanks to freezing technology, the collagen care pearls offer a new dimension of care and anti-aging effect - one care pearl contains 40 times the concentration of the active ingredient compared to a normal care ampoule. The high-quality active ingredients can penetrate faster and deeper into the skin through the freezing technology as if through an active ingredient sluice, thus creating a long-lasting effect. The exquisite formula combines precious black forest ginseng with highly concentrated hyaluronic acid for an immediately visible plumped skin surface.

Your ritual for your personal beauty time out

We do not always take enough time for the extensive care of our skin. We recommend that you regularly schedule time for your personal beauty moment and enjoy your time out for a short moment. In order for the collagen care pearls to take full effect, press or tap the emulsified pearl into the skin with your hands. To do this, distribute the liquid from the capsule in the palms of your hands and gently work it into the skin with the flat of your hands. You can also directly apply the liquid pearl evenly on your face. To do this, apply it to your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, then gently pat the liquid in with your fingertips. While applying, you can close your eyes and consciously breathe deeply. Conscious breathing will increase your general well-being and you will be able to concentrate much better afterwards.


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