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GINZAI Bubble Face Cleanser with Ginseng | 100ml

GINZAI Bubble Face Cleanser with Ginseng | 100ml

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Pore-deep cleansing with oxygen therapy

> With exclusive and high-quality forest ginseng
> Cleans the pores with natural ingredients
> Reduces blemishes for a long time
> Ensures a healthy and radiant complexion
> Provides valuable minerals and nutrients

The facial cleansing foam with oxygen therapy lets your pores breathe again. Black forest ginseng and the anti-sebum P complex gently cleanse the skin, provide the skin with natural ingredients and refine the complexion over the long term. The facial cleansing foam frees the pores from make-up and dirt residues, supplies them with valuable ingredients and minerals and ensures that the skin is optimally prepared for further care steps.

In order to avoid signs of aging, our skin from the age of 25 needs special care for its skin needs. Daily cleansing of our face is the be-all and end-all for even and radiant skin. Only clean pores can properly absorb care products and transport the ingredients to where they are effective. Valuable black forest ginseng and the anti-sebum P complex gently cleanse the skin down to the pores, effectively prevent blackheads, reduce skin impurities and leave us with a smooth and refined complexion.

The effect of the facial cleansing foam

The facial cleansing foam with ginseng ensures healthy and even-looking skin. With the help of saponins, a natural soap substance from black forest ginseng, the foam gently cleanses the skin and kills bacteria that clog your pores. In addition, the concentrate of black forest ginseng activates the process of cell renewal and thus counteracts the formation of wrinkles. Rice bran protects the skin from environmental influences and acts as an invisible protective layer. Charcoal powder also supplies the skin with valuable minerals. The anti-sebum P complex consists of four plant extracts and has a high antioxidant effect. Skin cells that have been damaged by UV rays can thus be regenerated and the skin becomes visibly firmer. Our facial cleansing foam is one of the oil-free and non-greasy cleansers. This property ensures that it reduces the skin's sebum production, removes excess oil, soothes skin cells and reduces inflammation.

Your ritual for your personal beauty break

Facial cleansing is an essential part of your daily care routine - especially if you tend to get oily and impure skin quickly. Sweat, dirt and makeup clog our pores throughout the day, so we need to thoroughly clean them of any residue. Without the right cleansing in the morning and in the evening, any facial care is far less effective because it cannot penetrate deep into the skin layers. So don't see this important step as a chore, but take the time before you nourish your skin with other care products. The special thing about our facial cleansing foam is that it reacts with oxygen - after 30-60 seconds it forms a fine foam on your face. You can use this brief moment to focus on positive thoughts. In a minute you will probably think of three things that you are grateful for that day and you can carefully wash off the foam and start the day carefree.

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