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GINZAI 2 in 1 Cleanser with Ginseng | 200ml

GINZAI 2 in 1 Cleanser with Ginseng | 200ml

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2in1 cleansing cream with Korean premium ginseng (forest ginseng) - 200 ml

Gently cleanses and refines the pores                                                                               

> With exclusive and high-quality forest ginseng
> Cleaning and care at the same time
> Refines the pores
> Provides intense moisture
> Ensures a healthy and radiant complexion

The 2in1 cleansing cream gently cleanses the skin and ensures refined pores. Black forest ginseng and flower extracts gently cleanse and care for the skin in one step, supply the skin with natural ingredients and refine the complexion over the long term. The 2in1 cleansing cream frees the pores from make-up and dirt residues, supplies them with intensive moisture and ensures that the skin is optimally prepared for further care steps.

In order to avoid signs of aging, our skin from the age of 25 needs special care for its skin needs. Daily cleansing of our face is essential for even and radiant skin. Only clean pores can properly absorb care products and transport ingredients deep into the layers of the skin, where they are effective. The flower extracts of lotus, lavender and marigold restore your skin's natural balance and protect it from external influences.

In GINZAI 2in1 cleansing cream, the forest ginseng supports the gentle and pore-deep cleansing of the skin with its natural soap substances. Its ability to potentiate the effects of other ingredients ensures that the antioxidant properties of the flower extracts are further enhanced. The skin cells that have already been damaged are regenerated and a lastingly fresh and healthy complexion is achieved, because cleansing is the basis for beautiful skin.

The effect of the 2in1 cleansing cream

The 2in1 cleansing cream thoroughly removes impurities from the skin for a clean and fine-pored complexion. With the help of saponins, a natural soap substance from black forest ginseng, the cleansing cream gently cleanses the skin and removes dirt and bacteria that clog your pores. The process of cell renewal is activated by lavender extract. Skin cells that have been damaged by UV rays can be regenerated and the skin becomes visibly firmer. Lavender has an antiseptic effect, soothes irritated skin and helps inflammation heal faster. The flavonoids and proteins from the lotus extract provide the skin with extra moisture and restore its elasticity. Thanks to the high vitamin C content, it also stimulates collagen production and small wrinkles are plumped up. The marigold extract with botanically active ingredients promotes skin regeneration and improves the skin's moisture content. With the 2in1 cleansing cream, the active ingredients of the subsequent care can penetrate the skin better again.

Your ritual for your personal beauty break

Facial cleansing is an essential part of your daily care routine - especially if you tend to get oily and impure skin quickly. Sweat, dirt and makeup clog our pores, so we need to thoroughly clean them of any residue. Without the right cleansing in the morning and in the evening, any facial care is far less effective because it cannot penetrate deep into the skin layers. So don't see this important step as a chore, but take the time before you nourish your skin with other care products. The 2in1 cleansing cream must first be foamed with water. You can use this brief moment to focus on positive thoughts. In a minute you will probably think of three things that you are grateful for that day, then you can carefully wash off the foam and continue to care for your refreshed skin.

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