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Eliah Sahil Organic

Eliah Sahil Organic Organic Cleansing Foam Rose | 110ml

Eliah Sahil Organic Organic Cleansing Foam Rose | 110ml

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MILD CLEANSING for daily facial care

This organic cleansing foam cleanses the facial skin with a particularly gentle yet thorough action. The plant-based formulation of pure rose and chamomile water cleanses the facial skin particularly gentle and feels pleasant on the skin.

  • For all skin types
  • Natural
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • For approx 85 applications
  • Refill instead of throwing it away: plastic-free refillable bottle made of glass available

Miracle plant rose

Mild cleansing for daily facial care

The high-quality active ingredients of the rose regenerate the skin cells, prevent skin ageing, moisturise and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Since ancient times, rose oil and rose water have been produced from the blossoms of fragrant roses. Rose water is the condensed water vapour that is produced during the extraction of rose oil. Rose water is rich in valuable ingredients and is the main component of this organic cleansing foam.


Apply to damp face in the morning and evening and massage in gently. Rinse off with water afterwards.

We donate future

We are contributing to the rescue of the bees by investing € 0,20 from the sale of each product in the „Flowering Meadows“ project. 

Sustainable packaging

Refill instead of throwing it away: To conserve resources and reduce plastic waste, we supply this product in a plastic-free refillable bottle made of glass, so you are free to use any foamer bottle.

Free from

Silicone, gluten, paraben, palm oil, paraffin, chemical fragrances, animal testing*.

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