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Pasta Natura

PASTA NATURA Fusilli with Organic Bamboo Leaves, Gluten Free & Vegan | 250g

PASTA NATURA Fusilli with Organic Bamboo Leaves, Gluten Free & Vegan | 250g

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Fusilli Pasta with Organic Bamboo Leaves, Gluten Free and Vegan. Bronze drawn, slowly dried at low temperatures for 20-24 hours.
Formats available: Fusilli
100% Natural ingredients.
Ecological packaging 100% Recyclable.

Organic bamboo is an alternative food that has enjoyed much success. PASTA NATURA has used bamboo leaves to produce a soft flour and create our special gluten free pasta. Gluten free diet, no matter whether it is followed for health reasons or for nutritional awareness, needs a variety of tastes and flavours in order not to be monotonous. Thanks to PASTA NATURA, you will prepare a great deal of delicious recipes that will please the entire family. Our pasta is produced according to traditional methods and is porous. It has also a perfect “al dente” texture. Let’s dip it in the sauce and allow yourself flavourful moments.

Organic bamboo leaves flour pasta: the good of it
From building material, bamboo has become an ingredient. That’s amazing, for bamboo pasta has a delicate taste that mixes well with every other flavour. Its versatility makes it easily employable and, as a result, our pasta is appreciated by everyone who tried it. If you haven’t tasted it yet, you have no idea what you are missing. We have chosen organic bamboo not only for its taste, but also because it is a complete food, rich in good nutrients and low in fat. From symbol of longevity to incredible food, ready to be dropped in boiling water and eaten, thanks to PASTA NATURA.

Nutritional properties of organic bamboo leaves flour
Bamboo has always been considered a “vegetal steel” because of its extraordinary features and versatility of employment. It is part of the traditional diet of several cultures, because it is a food with antibacterial, antioxidant and remineralizing properties. Bamboo flour has more nutritional values than conventional flours. For this reason, PASTA NATURA decided to use organic bamboo leaves to create a special pasta. This plant is low in fat and has a great deal of nutritional properties. It is therefore the perfect ally for a healthy diet. These properties are also found in pasta: our production preserves all good qualities of the raw material. By proposing bamboo leaves flour pasta, PASTA NATURA is bringing all these beneficial properties to you. Everything in a good dish with pasta!

Cooking tips
All pasta lovers are going to appreciate the union between the delicate flavour of bamboo and cheese. This simple mix has endless tasty variations: you can add a cream made of fresh cheese or a full-bodied sauce using seasonal products. Classical ragù is also perfect to season bamboo leaves pasta. In this case, it is crucial to choose the shape of pasta that fits the most with this traditional sauce. If you are instead fascinated by fusion cuisine, why not season bamboo pasta with diced fish and seasonal vegetables, together with a sprinkle of bamboo sprouts as a garnish? The visual effect of the course will be a prelude to its amazing taste.

PASTA NATURA GLUTEN FREE bamboo leaves flour pasta is available ORGANIC and VEGAN OK certified.


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