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AITNA VOLCANIC ESSENCE Fior di Pomelia Home Fragrance |100ml

AITNA VOLCANIC ESSENCE Fior di Pomelia Home Fragrance |100ml

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Pomelia Blossom.

From the flower symbol of simplicity and beauty, a sensual and fruity fragrance for a water of romantic and seductive beauty. A ritual of wellness and vitality, a tribute to Sicily, full of its colours.

Live the experience of the fruity Mediterranean scent of the plants that grow on the volcanic soil, "la Sciara". The lava stone, cooled after an eruption, is rich in minerals. The scents of the first plants that grow on this rock are reproduced in this delicate and enveloping essence.

Emotional environmental perfumes from the rich volcanic soil of Etna.

Capturing the fragrant essence of plants and preserving their smell is an activity that man has practiced since ancient times. Our first ancestors understood the powerful effects of aromas and used them in religious ceremonies, in the manufacture of perfumes and ointments, and as early therapeutic remedies by fumigation of aromatic woods and resins to induce calm and relaxation or euphoria.

At Aitna we capture the essences of Sicily and their incomparable scents from pure nature and enrich them with ingredients that act as evolutionary energetic-vibratory healing agents (REVE) and to restore psycho-physical-emotional balance by connecting the heart with the mind and the contribute spirit.

The REVEs used in our home fragrances reproduce the vibrational frequencies of volcanic sand, tiny rock particles and minerals ejected from volcanic cones during eruptions. The burning fire erupts with impulses from the depths of the earth and hits the atmosphere. This determines an interchange of telluric forces and energies with the "subtle" forces and energies of the air, wind and ether, which unite in the air.

We offer the scent of our talc and our inimitable tangerine blossom.

Product application:

Remove the transparent cap from the jar. Insert the 4 sticks into the glass. Place the jar securely in the desired location and take the time to let this fragrance envelop you. For a gentler fragrance unfolding, insert the sticks gradually over several days.

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