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Bracia Mydlarze

Bracia Mydlarze/The Soap Brothers 100% Unrefined Poppy Seed Oil | 30ml

Bracia Mydlarze/The Soap Brothers 100% Unrefined Poppy Seed Oil | 30ml

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Christmas poppy seed cake, a mural with poppies, delight over a meadow full of poppies ... but oil? Yes, and it is a must! For the face and the whole body, for the day (also under makeup) and for the night. For mature, couperose, damaged skin with discoloration and imperfections.

Poppy seed oil - properties
It strengthens blood vessels, reduces water loss and improves microcirculation. Moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates. It prevents the formation of blackheads and soothes the skin with psoriasis. It is a drying oil which means that it does not leave a greasy film. It contains a lot of tocopherols, antioxidants as well as oleic and palmitic acids.

Your hair will also like it. Mainly for regenerating, nourishing, moisturizing and making them shine like in a shampoo advertisement.
Product details
Smell: Christmas poppy seed cake 🥹
Packaging: dark glass bottle with a pipette; plastic warranty cap | capacity: 30ml
Skin type: everyone, especially dry, vascular skin, with discoloration

For whom? All skin types, especially couperose, mature,
with discoloration.
When? Even every morning or evening.
Apply a few drops to damp face skin.
Massage in gently.
Hair: apply to the ends 30 minutes before washing them.
Our poppy seed oil is perfect for face massage.

INCI: Papaver Somniferum Seed Oil

INGREDIENTS: 100% unrefined poppy seed oil

Volume: 30 ml

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