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Even by choosing everyday items, we can help in caring for our planet.

It is up to you to choose whether you use a plastic hairbrush, which will slowly decompose in the landfill in a few years, or whether you choose, for example, an ecological wooden brush with tampico bristles.

In addition, if we follow the recommendations of our dentists, we should replace the toothbrushes at least once every three months. This means we throw 4 plastic toothbrushes in the landfill each year as they are not recycled. That's 40 toothbrushes for a decade. Let's say the average age we live in Poland is 75. That's about 300 plastic toothbrushes, then 38 million times. Do you feel nauseous, not only because the maths are causing you pain?

The same goes for the scrubs that you use in the shower and end up in the sewage. And all you have to do is try eco-friendly dry brushing. We promise you that your skin, thanks to 3 minutes a day dedicated to this treatment, will be incredibly smooth, cleansed and you will even out its colour.

We try to do everything to ensure that our products are made of ecological, natural materials as much as possible, and also serve for many years, which is why we use wood from sustainable crops, ecological bristles and raw organic cotton bags.