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Anne, My Lubie founder
"My Lubie is meant to arouse your curiosity and spark new interests and debates with your partners. And obviously, within yourself."Plaisir is for everyone.

Don’t you think? Living a fulfilling, happy and free sexuality shouldn’t be complicated. This is why we created My Lubie: to provide essentials and advices, and invite every single consenting adult to explore the whole spectrum of love-making.

Embrace your intimacy with relaxing, pleasant to use and safe products. A CBD oil (used for massage and more), a perfectly natural lube, soothing wipes, a vibrating sex toy… pick up what you like according to your inner tempo and use them with whoever you fancy. It’s all about the vibe you like and the mood you’re in.

Behind everything we do, there’s a promise: to promote a more conscious, inclusive sexuality without injunctions nor any taboos. Bye to any sort of shaming, bonjour to a happy and healthy sex life. 

Universal Declaration of Human (sex) Rights

Article 1 : we believe in diversity when it comes to genders, bodies, ages, and ways of achieving self-care. Pleasure comes in so many forms, what will work for some won’t for others. That's why there are tons of different uses of our products. And that’s why we've been advocating inclusiveness since day 1.

My Lubie